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This informational site was developed in Wordpress for the Indianapolis dog training community. A work in progress, the goal is to have sections for health and training that can easily be contributed to by non technical members. The comments enable the community to interact with the site. Eventually, the site will be moved from the Wordpress servers to enable the use of forums and other features.

This site was developed to introduce a new pet behavior and training service. A logo and companion business card and brochure were also developed.

The corporate site was redesigned in 2005 by an outside source. I was lead project manager for the redesign and worked closely on the architecture of the site to assure that all corporate stakeholder requirements were met. I performed regular maintenance updates on the static pages of this site.

Corporate Intranet

The Corporate Intranet used tree menu navigation and RSS feeds. My responsibilities included weekly update of homepage with images and stories. Interior sections were also updated. These updates included city events and department information. Last year I added RSS feeds on the City pages for local business news and things to do in each city.

I designed and built the original site, which has been revised three times since the original go live. This newest version, following the corporate design incorporates a homepage flash file which is updated on a regular basis, and uses video for the first time. Featured project are “extra sites” which are temporary sites to accommodate third party construction projects. Construction extra sites are designed as temporary sites to highlight progress and often include web cams.

The Anson site was designed and built by an outside source under my direction with a Market Manager. I created the Google Earth Flyover and Google map information found under locations. The Flyover has also been used in many presentations.

Additional Sites

Several construction sites required their own domain. The design of these sites, in 2006, were a joint effort with the New Media Administrator and followed existing collateral.

IMA site

Early sites

Early sites include The Indianapolis Museum of Art which was a major responsibility while working at Ropkey Graphics in the mid '90s , and a Japanese Print Gallery site created as a learning vehicle.

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